• Aquaculture in a shipping container, a innovative technology by the Fish Farm.
  • The Innovative technology of farming fish in a container is what makes The Fish Farm so special.
  • Aquaculture in urban areas in South Africa that's what The Fish Farm provides.

The Fish Farm

The Fish Farm is a patented, micro-intensive fish farm designed within the confines of a 12-metre shipping container, delivering 2–4 tons of tilapia (or other species) annually. By placing a series of tanks, filters and pumps inside a container, the product immediately delivers a profitable, affordable, transportable and replicable aquaculture business into poor urban or rural communities.The Prototype comprises 6 tanks (in a row) of 1,500 liters each, a 200 liters solids filter (to deal with the solid waste) and a 5,000 liters bio-filter (to deal with the chemical waste), a circulation pump and an aerator. The Fish Farm dumps 1% of its volume per day to maintain water quality. A fish farmer would be able to supply this fertilized water to the vegetable farmers. The required space for the Fish-Farm is minimal. The energy for its operation can be obtained by solar power. The Fish Farm is a simple and environmentally compatible way of ensuring food security, creating jobs and making profits.

With marine fish stocks depleting, the demand for sustainably produced and community based fish continues to rise. Globally, aquaculture is characterized by high investment, low employment and high technical skills and installations. The WorldFishCenter.org site informs readers: “Advances in these areas can pay huge dividends in reducing hunger and poverty because fish and other aquatic organisms are a major source of food and income for poor people in developing countries. Millions more can benefit from increased investment in fisheries and sustainable aquaculture to make this sector a more powerful engine for poverty reduction.”

The solution supports sustainable aquaculture, which creates benefits by saving resources. Furthermore, the Fish Farm can contribute to a balanced diet due to the high quality protein in fish. Due to the moderate price of the fish, it is an affordable alternative and healthy protein supply for the people. Generating income, the fish can be sold to restaurants and/or directly to the population at retail prices. Also, communities can play a part in the production of food for the fish (e.g. maggot farms, snail farms, algae farms), as well as, in the filleting and packaging services. Each Fish Farm can bring 1–5 people into economic productivity.


 A price of 40,000-00 USD per fully-fitted containerised fish farm includes:

  • Fish food for 6 months to first harvest
  • 12m insulated high-cube shipping container
  • Solar panels to enable the Fish Farm to run off-grid
  • 1 week technical training and assistance with the set-up and commissioning of the Fish Farm


Further conditions:

  • A minimum supply of reasonably clean water of 250 litres per day
  • A level ground area for the placement of the container(s)

Africa: South Africa

Key Facts

Organization: The Business Place - South Africa
Website: http://thefishfarm.net
Contact: Alan Fleming
Email: alan@thefishfarm.net
Operating in: South Africa

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