TriCiclos has proven in Chile that there is a great opportunity to formalize, train and allow street waste pickers to become social entrepreneurs that reduce waste, educate responsible consumers and finally become high level consultants for big corporations and governments.

They sell recycling stations that can receive and process more than 20 types of materials to retailers, universities, municipalities or corporations. Then they identify, train and permanently support street waste pickers to operate the station with a special software and traceability model.

Every month TriCiclos sells the operation report (recyclability bonus) to the brands that need to show the effort it takes them to reduce the environmental impact of their packages.

TriCiclos invented a recycling plant that integrates simple technology (packers, millers, control weighter) on a small structure (similar to a 40 foot container), also operated by a specific software, including traceability systems and finger print enrollment processes.

Every day the number of people is growing, every one consumes more, and also generates more waste.

Most of the producers are not considering the relevant environmental impact of the packages at the end of their lives.

In many regions, waste rudely interacts with poverty. Very often, one will see street waste pickers trying to survive from discards, applying a deep knowledge about materials. This kind of knowledge has been scarce  for a long time.

The recycling stations receive more than 40.000 visitors per month that reduce their waste after receiving education on responsible consumption.

The street waste pickers that operate the stations increase their income while at the same time they dignify their role in the communities where they live.

All of them (visitors, street waste pickers and TriCiclos' employees) declare that have modified consumption habits since they started interacting with TriCiclos.

- More than 8.200 tons of recyclable materials.

- 64 Stations in Chile.

- 4 Stations in Brasil.

- More than 40.000 visitors per month.

- 25 street waste pickers’ organizations or cooperatives impacted.

Key Facts

Organization: TriCiclos
Contact: Gonzalo Muñoz
Operating in: Chile, Brazil

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