TRIEX is a b2b company devoted to special waste management in Uruguay. Founded in 2001, it transformed the sector by creating decent jobs while promoting transparency, technological innovation and environmental responsibility.

TRIEX has developed solutions and treated specific wastes in every stage of material’s life, from extraction waste to post-consumer residues including discarded raw materials, scrap, returned or out-of-specification products or packages.

Their key differentiator is a technical staff capable to develop customized solutions including characterization, collection, treatments and deliveries of treated materials.

TRIEX works to create a strong network with authorities, competitors and customers in order to develop regulations and professionalize waste management services.

At TRIEX, staff training and R&D are considered keys to manage new wastes from a changing world.

One of TRIEX’ main goals is to be a company with capacity to adapt to every customer. Due to this, technologies like manual separation and classification are considered very important. In some areas (eg: Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment) these manual classifications reaches better separation results than expensive machinery-based technologies. At TRIEX they work for doing manual separations with all guarantees for the workers considering all toxicological and ergonomic issues involved.

Before TRIEX (formerly MA&A) began its operations, no public or private institution took on the management of hazardous waste in Uruguay and national laws were weak and inadequately implemented. Failing to address toxic waste has posed serious threats to public health, environmental sustainability, and social empowerment. For example, the burial of toxic waste and its disposal in rivers have grave effects on soil and water quality that can lead to devastating health complications. Moreover, those most affected by such careless waste management are often the poorest sectors of society who do not have access to adequate health care and cannot effectively press the government to take action.

TRIEX has worked to built transparency and accountability into each activity it undertook, thus breaking away from the perception that waste management is a “dirty” business. TRIEX created decent jobs and developed innovative technologies to recycle and dispose of hazardous waste contributing to a fundamental shift in Uruguay, by demonstrating that the country is capable of developing technologies and methodologies adapted to its small market scale.

Important milestones are:

  • Developing of Hermes, the first system for manage mercury residues in Uruguay
  • Developing of the first waste traceability software in Uruguay
  • Creation of the Chamber of Waste Management Businesses (CEGRU) to introduce new norms of technological innovation, transparency, safety, and decent employment to this sector.
  • More than 300 customers in Uruguay
  • More than 1500 ton of special waste treated by year
  • Annual sales by USD 1 million
  • 5 transboundary movements with delivery of hazardous waste to Germany, Finland and Portugal in order to reach the best available treatment for specific materials.

Key Facts

Organization: TRIEX
Contact: Ana Luisa Arocena
Operating in: Uruguay

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